Personal Programs

gym1If you are interested in developing a personal program with me, you can begin by filling out the Par-Q and fitness questionnaire. This will allow me to assess initially what sort of plan you might need and so I can be prepared for our first meeting.

Click Here for Rates for Personal Training Sessions
IMG_6098If you live in the greater Toronto area and you would like a more detailed assessment, you can come to my NEW boutique studio located in the Davenport and Avenue area and have a private one hour assessment/consultation with me. This is particularly useful if you have specific injuries, sports related goals, or any other details you wish to have addressed.

If you live in the greater Toronto Area you also have the option of doing both the assessment and the program at my studio. The benefit of doing this is that I would be able to personally observe and analyze your form – in so doing I would be able to ensure that you are doing all the exercises correctly. For many people exercises are more easily understood and followed (and therefore more beneficial) when they are demonstrated in person. Whatever your preference, I would be happy to accommodate you.

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