Globe & Mail: I’ve never gone canoeing before. How can I train for it?

canoeingThe question: I am going to go on a bunch of long canoe trips this summer that involve portages. Are there exercises I can do to prepare?

The answer: What fun! As a kid I loved going camping with my dad. At a minimum, do basic strength exercises like squats, lunges, rows and shoulder presses. Read More

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2 Responses to Globe & Mail: I’ve never gone canoeing before. How can I train for it?

  1. Dawn Lybarger says:

    Have you made a Pilates video? I liked your one move on Globe and Mail today and your pace/style and want to do Pilates at home. If you haven’t done one yourself, can you recommend a really good one for someone with lower back issues who has been prescribed Pilates by doctors, etc?

    • Kathleen says:

      I am so glad you enjoyed my video. I did 11 individual Pilates videos for the Globe. I think four of them have already been posted. The rest will be posted over the next 7 Mondays. They can all be found on my website under “Videos” The Pilates studio I respect the most in Toronto is Body Harmonics. As for DVDs, I would suggest looking at the Stott Pilates DVD video series. Try to find one that they bill as “Therapeutic Pilates” or “Pilates for back health”. All the videos in Stott series are usually good. Hope you find something!