Kathleen now blogging for the Huffington Post!

I am now blogging for Huffpost. I am really excited. The blog is about exercise, but is less formal than my Globe and Mail column. Take a look at my first post

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  1. Jonathan Lund says:

    Hi Kathleen! I’ve been keeping up with your posts on the Globe & Mail for a while now; I’m a fitness trainer, group exercise instructor and aqua fitness leader who is also a marathon runner. I’m finding that, as someone who is so immersed in ‘the field’; as much as I love fitness, I have my own low moments where I feel unmotivated, and despite having all this information, I just feel the need to shake things up a bit. The elliptical was getting very old and tedious, and I got into a rut with my weight training (shoulder/chest/arms, next day lower body, next day back/chest/arms, next day lower body, etc) that kind of upper/lower split that, at first, worked well for someone who works out all the time, but now I’m so used to it that I need some advice for how I can break into something else to get the fat-loss results that I want, while retaining the muscle gains I seek. I’ve looked at things like the ‘Insanity’ workout with some skepticism, but want something that challenges my cardio and resistance reserves, particularly with the marathon being less than 8 weeks away. What can you suggest to someone who is more of an advanced exerciser with a need to change things up? I’m kind of a victim of information overload!

    Thank you so much!

    • webminder says:

      Hey Jonathon. Thanks so much for taking the time to contact me. Congratulations on making exercise such an integral part of your life. Take a moment and pat yourself on the back. Being active on a regular basis is a huge accomplishment. Try not too be so hard on yourself. Many people strive to achieve your level of activity. We are all human, even fitness professionals:-) We have moments when we are not as motivated. I know that I do. Allow yourself these moments, it is good to have rest. Rest will allow you to recover, re-charge and avoid the negative effects of over-training. That said, have you tried any form of more “non-traditional training”? I train at a place called Dynamic Conditioning Centre (DCC) in Toronto. We do things like flip tires and swing sledge hammers. I love it!! Something like DCC or crossfit might be a good option. Another great option would be interval training like tabata. Take a look at these articles for some ideas on exercise methods and routines that might help get you excited about exercise again.

      Help!I’m bored of my elliptical trainer (This gives a sample interval pyramid)

      Whats a workout I can do at home when I cant get to the gym (This one talks about Tabata intervals. Also, try the “11’s that I talk about in the ‘trainer’s tip’)

      How to get maximum benefit from a mini-workout (This also talks about Tabata intervals)

      How do I motivate myself to exercise (This is about how to increase motivation)

      How should I prepare for my first triathlon (Since you already run marathons, maybe a new goal could be training for a triathlon?)

      How can I get back into a workout routine (This is about realistic goal setting)

      Will pyramid sets help my workout? (Add pyramid sets to your weight training routine)