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While in NY I tried three fun fitness classes. A boxing class at ShadowBoxing NY, a Barre class at Physique 57, and a functional fitness class at Tone House. Shadow Boxing was fun because I got to go with my sister. Tone house was awesome because it was different – I loved using the sled,sandbags and running through the #hurdles
🙂 I will be sad to leave NY
gotta_love_shadownbox! shadowbox_in_nyc at_shadowbox_in_nyc


Kathleen at NY physique 57

TorontoQuesada2I just picked up a chicken burrito from the ‎Quasada on Church. Excited to eat it!! I know it will be yummy!

It is still very surreal to see my face on Quesada’s marketing material, but I have such fun creating the “Trotter Tips” for them. Plus, I love that I can read my nutrition tip AND pick up a yummy food at the same time!


Had an amazing run in victoria with my awesome friend Krista! Friendship and exercise—what else can you ask for in a day! Thanks Krista for showing me this awesome view.


I am in Victoria. Got to have dinner with myself at Quesada. Love it!

I had such fun trying Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Love trying new fun fitness activities with friends.







My sister came to town for a wonderful, fitness filled long weekend.
We tried Ballet Barre on Sunday (hence the t-shirts) and Pilates on Monday.
Already excited for her next visit!
sisters1 sisters2

I love vacation! I had a great bike, got a pedicure and spent lots of quality time with my mom and ‪Elvis 🙂

The trick to staying active on vacation is to find an activity that you enjoy and build it into your itinerary. Explore the town on foot, bike in the morning or see the lake in a canoe.




I had the best time on my vacation. I exercised and hung around in some many amazing classes from Orange Theory, to Jet Set Pilates, to City Row and Exhale. Oh yeah! I did do some relaxing too! FUN! FUN! FUN!
orangetheory-birthday jetsetpilattesfunexcercise bettersorethansorry at cityrow




exercise alog the water

I stopped to get a hug from Santa mid run Dec 25th, 2014.


I had such a fantastic and memorable vacation at Jake’s Hotel, October 2014! This first photo is Em and I at The Pelican bar, a bar in the middle of the ocean. Amazing!


This is the view of the pool and the sea from Jake’s.


This is the view from the spa at Jake’s.


This is from my trip to Jamaica with my wonderful friend Em. Oct 2014. We were hosted by Jakes Hotel. It was amazing! The hotel had yoga, a great fitness facility, beautiful running routes, a beautiful pool and an awesome spa. Em and I went to high school together and go on one trip a year.


With my beautiful and talented mother at the premier of her movie Tru Love, 2014.


With my friend and fellow trainer Tara at her wedding. Tara is a great coach, nutritionist, triathlete and trainer. http://www.heal-nutrition.com


This is my mom and I ate our “90th” birthday party. She turned 60 and I turned 30 in 2013. My mom is so amazing! I am very lucky to be her daughter 🙂 .


Fancy dinner out with some of my girl friends 2011. FUN!



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