Why going (really) slowly during exercise is actually good for you

Why going (really) slowly during exercise is actually good for you The question: My trainer makes me do things like pause at the bottom of an exercise and go really slowly. Why?

The answer: Your question made me smile (possibly a little mischievously). I also “torture” clients (in a friendly way of course) by making them go slowly or pause during certain movements. Read More

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Don’t Run for Endurance, Endure to Run

Don't Run for Endurance, Endure to RunExperience has taught me the wisdom of the words — don’t just do cardio (such as running) to get in shape. Get in shape to run! In addition to helping you get in shape in the short-term, lifting weights will help to ensure that you will be able to do your favourite cardio actives, such as running, for the rest of your life! Read More

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Latest Newsletter – July 2014

newsletterThe July Newsletter is available! Check it out for The Plank Challenge and Four tried and true summer “beat the heat” training tips! Read the Newsletter

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5 Crucial Fitness Tips I Wish I’d Known When I Was Younger

HuffpostI’m “only” 31, so it may be premature to already have a list to tell my younger self, but I have been a trainer for almost 12 years, and working out seriously for 16, so I feel I am entitled to at least a preliminary list. Since I don’t know anyone named Doc and I don’t have a flying Delorean to allow me to communicate directly with the younger Kathleen, I figure the next best thing is to share my insights with all of you. Read More

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Globe & Mail: How to exercise in the heat (and keep your cool)

Link to VideoIt’s hot out there: Trainer Kathleen Trotter shows you how to exercise properly in the heat of summer. Watch the Video
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Globe & Mail Stealth Workout: Rollup

 Stealth Workout: Rollup Lying down? In bed, on the couch or even at the beach, here’s how to take advantage of your horizontal time to work your core. Read More

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Globe & Mail Stealth Workout: Hold Onto Your Seat

 Stealth Workout: Hold Onto Your Seat Sitting much? It can be a pain in the neck, but this quick stretch offers some instant relief. Hold the side of a chair tightly with your right hand. Bend your left ear toward your left shoulder while using your right hand’s grip as resistance. Hold for 30 seconds. Remember to breathe. Continue holding the chair as you turn your eyes slightly to look toward your right armpit. Hold for another 10 seconds. Switch and repeat on the opposite side. Read More

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Globe & Mail: New to lifting weights? Eight tips every gym rat should know

New to lifting weights? Eight tips every gym rat should know The question: I am just starting to lift weights and I am overwhelmed. Can you explain what reps and sets are? Plus, how do I determine what my reps, sets and rest periods should be? So confused. Help!

The answer: In my teens, I was so intimidated by weights that I only took aerobics classes. I took so many that the gym suggested I become an instructor – teaching aerobics was how I got started in the industry! Now I really enjoy weight training and, with time, you will as well. It feels empowering to be strong. Read More

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Exercises to Alleviate Neck Pain

Exercises to Alleviate Neck PainPain in the neck? Too much screen time could be causing forward head syndrome. Okay, I know, the head and neck are not the most glamorous body parts to train. Getting nice legs or a toned tummy is often what motivates people to work out. I also know that importance is relative. How your head sits on your body is “important.” A forward head can cause a cascade of negative effects. The most tangible being pain and discomfort. Simply put, forward Head syndrome is when your head sits further forward then it should. In most cases, (what a surprise) the blame can be placed on how people sit at their computers, in front of their TVs, and while in their cars. Read More

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More TotalFit Tips from Personal Trainer Kathleen Trotter

Total Fit MagazineWhenever possible, pick exercise activities you enjoy. You are much less likely to skip the workout if you actually find it fun. Try joining a sports team or taking adult dance lessons. Find something you enjoy doing and start with that. If you enjoy gardening, check out other people’s gardens as you walk to and from work. Then, do your own gardening on the weekend. If you like playing a particular sport, join a team. If you want to be social, find a walking buddy. Read More

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