Globe & Mail: How much does a standing desk really help my health?

How much does a standing desk really help my health?The question: I am thinking of investing in a standing desk. Do you think it is worth it?

The answer: Standing desks seem to be the current health rage. As a rule, I don’t love promoting It products. That said, since I am a huge fan of anything that helps people sit less, if you or your company can afford to invest in a standing desk, go for it! Read More

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  1. I love my standing desk! I got hooked 3 years ago at a workplace that let us have them, and I also built one to use at home. More recently, I worked at an office that originally let us have standing desks and then took them away after we moved to a new office. Going back to sitting all day was very painful! My body ached after sitting for hours, and I was crabby and overly energetic by the end of the day. The removal of my standing desk definitely contributed to my decision to leave that job. So.. I say they are worth it!

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback! I am so glad the standing desk is providing you with such fantastic results. Recently one of my clients tried the VARIDESK standing desk. He is also really enjoying the experience

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