The Globe and Mail: Is CrossFit a good way to stay in shape?

This week in addition to my regular weekly columns for The Globe and Mail I answered a “Canada Q&A”. Readers send in their questions via text, email, video or tweets and the appropriate journalist answers. 

Zami Salaria in Toronto asks, “Is CrossFit a good way to stay fit for a person who likes intense workouts? Is it appropriate for folks in their 30s and what alternative (same intensity) exercise regimen would you recommend?” Kathleen Trotter, Globe Health‘s fitness expert, says she has been to CrossFit a handful of times, mostly when traveling. “I like that regardless of where I am I will get an intense workout that includes multi-joint strength exercises like squats.” But she says CrossFit is absolutely not for every body:

Is it for you? As I’ve written before, CrossFit is not for you if you are currently injured, or prone to injury. During my first class I did advanced exercises like deadlifts. If done with bad form and / or a bad back, advanced lifts can cause serious injuries. READ MORE

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