Make Fitness Fun With These New Workout Ideas

One thing that I love about my job is that it is never boring. There is always a new way to mix things up, a new way to “torture” my clients, a new way to make training fun! Some of you may find this position ludicrous. Typically training is thought of as tedious, if not down right boring!

My mission today is to share with you some of my favourite “fun” workout ideas, and to say that “the world is your fitness oyster — you don’t ever need to be bored!.”

“Fun” workout idea #1. Mix up the type of cardio you do within the same workout.

When Triathletes do two of their sports back to back they refer to it as “brick training”. I call it fun! Try the following workout, do 10 minutes on the bike followed by five minutes of skipping. Repeat that cycle two or three times. READ MORE

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