I’m Changing My Eating Habits One Moment at a Time

I had a revelation while preparing dinner a few nights ago. I was grilling meat and vegetables (mmm yummy), and I found myself nibbling while I cooked. Sure, it was all relatively healthy stuff — vegetables, a few nuts, bites of grilled chicken — but by the time I sat down to dinner I realized that I had probably already consumed at least half a meal worth of food. READ MORE

One Comment on “I’m Changing My Eating Habits One Moment at a Time”

  1. Hi Kathleen, found this blog when researching ways to help curve bad habits and I find your tips really great – especially not eating while standing. Thank you so much and hope you continue to inspire others to stay firm with their goals and commitments.

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback. I really appreciate it, and I am SO happy that you found the information useful!. Please keep in touch. I love hearing from readers

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