A Convenient Dumbell Workout

Have a set of dumbbells collecting dust? Not sure what to do with the weights at the gym? Always wanted to strength train but unsure how? Read my “how to use X” series of blogs for Flaman Fitness! In this instalment I outline a convenient yet effective dumbbell workout! Enjoy 🙂

Part 2: The Workout

Welcome to the third installment of my “How to use X” series.

In each blog I outline how to use a different piece of equipment — everything from the treadmill (the subject of blog number one: here), to dumbbells (today’s topic), the stability ball, the bike, and a home gym.

The purpose of the series is to connect the dots between buying fitness equipment and actually using it; to empower readers so that their workouts leave them feeling empowered and energized instead of overwhelmed, frustrated, and discouraged.

As mentioned above, today’s topic is training with dumbbells. Dumbbell training is a two-part blog, with today’s blog being the second part. In part one I outlined basic strength training principles so you know how to organize your dumbbell workout. You can read that here.

Today I’ll share one of my favourite workouts. READ MORE