Why you have to cool down when you work out

I get it. When you finish your workout, you just want to get on with life. It is natural to think, “Phew … done … SHOWER.” I have been there — many times. I never want to complete a full cool down. I did my workout. I want to get on with my day (and did I mention shower? I love the post-workout shower almost more than the workout).

The problem is, there is a reason why a proper workout has been broken down into three main components — warm-up, main workout, cool-down. Your body and brain require the gradual decrease in effort to come back to homeostasis. Put another way, a proper cool-down helps you not feel like crap for the rest of the day. Stop too quickly and you risk feeling nauseated — plus it is not good for your heart — and skipping the stretch puts you at risk of feeling sore for days.

You can’t just stop. READ NOW