Recently I have been writing a series of “How to use X’ blogs, covering how to use everything from cardio machines such as the elliptical and the treadmill, to free weights, to small pieces such as the stability ball and foam roller. I even broke down how to properly warm-up and cool-down. By now you are all glorified exercise mavens — or at least on your way there!

What have we not talked about thus far? Larger pieces of workout equipment such as cable machines or full home gym equipment. Today we fill the void. This blog, cable machines. Next blog, home gyms.

Cables are a personal favourite. Why? They are versatile — they allow for traditional strength exercises such as triceps press-downs and biceps curls, and also dynamic full-body motions such as wood chops and single-limb motions (which require core stability) such as unilateral flys. I am biased towards the cable cross system I bought for my studio; I love that the arms of the cable machine don’t simply move up and down, but also forwards and backwards. Can you say fitness fun? READ MORE