I recently graduated as a Level 2 Life Coach. Life coaching is an inherently awareness-building, reflection-generating experience … thus, the question that inspired this blog: “What does Kathleen the fitness professional wish the younger (and less fit) Kathleen had known?”

Now, on a practical level this question is somewhat nonsensical; Back to the Future is only a movie. Plus, younger Kathleen needed to navigate life in order to be current Kathleen. Experience is not only the birthplace of perspective; it is also an opportunity for growth. I would not be who I am today without living — and more critically learning — through my experiences.

The question becomes useful when used as a “growth” or “thought” experiment — as in, an opportunity to reflect on the past and learn what I want my current self to be aware of, so I can ensure I become the future self I envision.

Your future self is created in the decisions made by your current self!

After reflection I decided these are the five lessons (guiding principles) I want my current self to live by to ensure my future self is the fittest and happiest version of me!

Five Life Lessons:

  1. Don’t let … READ MORE