The kettlebell — or in kathleen speak, the “killer bell”!!

What is the bell? It is hard to miss! Kettlebells look somewhat like a cannonball with a handle. In essence, bells are simply a weight that you can swing. Both the shape of the bell and the fact that you typically use momentum (versus lifting slowly and with control) means the workout is fundamentally different than when using dumbbells. The momentum required makes the workout both cardiovascular and strength based. The shape of the bell adds an additional stabilization and core challenge, and the exercises require both strength and explosiveness, which means you have to move with power.
Why do I love the bell?

Mostly because it provides that “all over sweaty” feeling that is usually reserved for post cardio while also being a strength workout. Strength is good! Strength will help you have better posture, protect your back, walk with confidence, perform every day activities with ease, improve bone strength, and improve your athletic achievements. READ MORE