Kathleen-Approved “Systems” for Surviving the Holidays

Set up systems NOW that will save you from your FUTURE holiday-season self.

The holidays are a minefield for our health — we know this!

Instead of thinking “this year will be different” — without outlining the plan to make it different — only to wake up January 1st feeling unfit and energetically low, work to set up systems NOW to save you from your future less-disciplined self.

Create your strategy NOW! Decide — in advance — which of my tips you will use!

For example, if you know that you make bad choices when you get overly hungry, never go to an event hungry. Always have food (like almonds) on you; grab a few before walking into a work event. That way you will not “have to” grab a cookie out of hunger.

Basically, ditch willpower. Change THE SYSTEM!!!! READ MORE