Sleep to Succeed


Contrary to how many of us live our lives, sleep is not “empty time” — it is not a “when I can fit it in” activity. Sleep affects both our long- and short-term health; it is when the body and brain regenerate, memories consolidate, cognitive functions are maintained, muscles and tissues repair, and hormones are rebalanced.

Now, most of us intellectually know that sleep is important, but knowing and doing are two different things. Too many of us, especially the slightly workaholic, A-type, dedicated, “never give in” type (me), too often frame surviving on negligible sleep as a “badge of honour.” Sacrificing sleep is not a badge of honour; it is a badge of (to frame it positively) getting lost in the excitement of the present moment and lacking a “long game” approach to health, or (to put it bluntly) unregulated priorities. Sleep has to be thought of as a “non-negotiable,” just like exercise. READ MORE