Fitness For the Rest of Us

Looking to get into better shape? Looking for an awesome, motivating read? Then I am happy to introduce Your Fittest Future Self by Kathleen Trotter. Kathleen is a personal trainer, writer, life coach, certified Pilates and ELDOA instructor, and overall health enthusiast. Kathleen’s passion is helping others reach their fitness and health goals and this comes through in this book. Your Fittest Future Self book takes a functional approach to personal fitness and helps us learn how to effectively factor our OWN personal health, work/home schedule, and overall lifestyle into their overall vision of their “fittest future self.” Its, not a generic approach, it really helps you find what works for you. I have just started the book and am really enjoying it and learning a lot. 
Key Points I LOVE: 
  • What an “individual health mix” is and how to create their own
  • Why fitness is not a one-size-fits-all activity and how to find their own “fit”
  • How to make their own gut health and glycemic index work for them
  • The most important tools for them to begin their journey to their fittest future selves

Kathleen’s approach is fun and approachable as you can see in this recent clip: Kathleen Trotter Reel. If you are looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle  grab a copy and you are off to a great start. I know it often feels overwhelming and draining but Kathleen’s book helps you get started and stay committed. The trick to sustaining a lifestyle change long term is reframing the creation of your health mixes.

In YOUR FITTEST FUTURE SELF, Kathleen Trotter advises readers to think of creating mixes like going on an adventure or figuring out a puzzle rather than as something overwhelming, exhausting, or “yet another obligation.” Kathleen encourages us to stop thinking of “past health experiences” as something to be frustrated about and keeping your mind on the now & whats to come.

You can learn from your past experiences so you can create, now, a mix that suits you, leading to that fitter self. Have fun learning about yourself and if, at first, the pieces don’t fit together, try to figure out why and try again. You can do this! Drive the bus of your own life instead of letting the bus drive you. Lean-in to your health and start working for what you want. Your fittest future self is waiting — get excited!

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