December newsletter 2019

by | Dec 6, 2019 | Blog, Newsletter

This month — inspired by the three “mixes” outlined in Your Fittest Future Self — the newsletter is divided into three sections: tips to create your NUTRITIONmix, your WORKOUTmix, and your MINDSETmix.

Before the main event, three announcements!

I am UBER excited to announce that on November 6 I launched my FIRST group online coaching program  — and it was completely full! Each member is such a “good egg.” I am loving being part of such a supportive, growth-oriented environment!

The next group starts Thursday, January 2, 2020 — perfectly timed to help participants find their 2020 “fit.” Interested? Learn more info here. Join me to learn how to “show up for yourself” and turn your fitness wishes into fitness realities! Find your fit and create your fittest future self!

On a sad note, a BIG hug and a sad good-bye to all my friends at BT Montreal. The show has been cancelled. I am genuinely going to miss my entire “BT Family” — they were hands down professional, up for anything, welcoming, energetic “good eggs”!! Derick, I will miss our goofy fitness banter.

Last, a report. For the first time ever I attended TIFF events. Who knew parties could be that much fun??? Here are a few shots!