Today we’re going to “feel the burn” and do some awesome leg lifts. You’re going to train the side of your glute to work without the pelvis or hip rotating back and the shoulders coming forward. * Lie down on your side as if you were lying against a wall. Keep your shoulders, hips and your feet all aligned against that imaginary wall. Don’t roll forward or backward – keep your body at 90° to the floor. Keep your hips level to one another. You can keep your bottom leg bent for balance if needed. * Put your hand on the side of the hip that is on top. This is the muscle you are going to be working. * Engage your core. Keep your ribs nice and knitted so you aren’t arching your back. * Lift from the side of your leg. * Slowly lower it down. * Think like you are moving through mud. Work against it. * Repeat and then switch sides. The fun continues next week! We’re going to do Leg De-lifts! See you next week!