Meet Kathleen Trotter

Not only is Kathleen Trotter, MSc, a fitness expert, media personality, personal trainer, writer, and author of Finding Your Fit. A Compassionate Trainer’s Guide to Making Fitness a Lifelong Habit and Your Fittest Future Self. Making Choices Today for a Happier, Healthier, Fitter Future You Kathleen has lived the health hero's journey.

Walking the walk

Yes, Kathleen has been a personal trainer and fitness expert for almost twenty years, but she also spent the first half of her life unfit and inactive.

Kathleen grew up hating her body, overeating and doing anything to get out of gym class. She often cried or faked being sick in an attempt to get to go home. She snuck food.

Kathleen had to become her own health hero.
She had to learn to "opt-into" her health challenge, and own her choices.

She started by walking for ten minutes on a treadmill. Walking snowballed into weights and running, which snowballed into exercise classes, which snowballed into teaching fitness classes, which snowballed into part-time personal training, which snowballed into full-time personal training and a desire to make health and wellness a life passion and career.

Talking the talk

Kathleen owns her own boutique fitness studio in downtown Toronto. Her studio is home to her thriving personal training and coaching business.

Outside her studio, Kathleen presents as a motivational speaker at outlets such as the University of Toronto and Cisco and makes frequent media appearances on television shows including Rogers Ottawa, Breakfast Television, CTV Ottawa, and CHCH Hamilton, as well as podcasts such as Fit Chicks Chat, Her Best F*cking Life with Sarah Ordo, The Health FixSummit For Wellness, and  High Energy Girl.

Kathleen spent more than eight years writing for The Globe and Mail and Huffington Post. Her website and Facebook page have been included in multiple “best” fitness blog lists such as FlockBrain and OTHFIT Top 100.

She has been on the cover of Inspire Health, has been quoted in large-scale distributed magazines such as Shape, has completed in-depth interviews for magazines such as Authority Magazine, and has written for a myriad of other publications including SHARP magazine, CanFItPro, Impact Magazine, ParticipACTION, Canadian Running, Today’s Parent, Chatelaine, and Glow. For over six years she was the featured personal trainer in The Globe and Mail’s online Fitness Basics weekly web series.

The brains behind the smile

Kathleen holds a Master’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Toronto and a nutrition diploma from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. She has a Level 3 Life Coach certification and is a Level 2 nutrition coach through Precision Nutrition.

Kathleen is GLAD certified—which emboldens her to work with people managing osteoarthritis and arthritis—and has completed the six-week course from The International Spine and Pain Institute (ISPI) which allows her to help people navigate issues of chronic pain.

Kathleen is also a

  • C.H.E.K. Level 3 Practitioner,
  • Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist,
  • Level 2 ELDOA practitioner,
  • GLAD certified,
  • an FRP, and
  • certified Pilates Equipment Specialist.

Recently, she attended her second fascial dissection courses (yes, she likes to dissect dead bodies in her spare time!), completed the Level 1 Animal Flow and Brent Bush certification, and attended online conferences including the Align Virtual Pain conference. She's dedicated to being a lifelong learner and will complete her Level 3 ELDOA in December and her life coaching practicum in 2021.

The why

Kathleen loves her job. Her mission is to inspire as many people as possible to adopt a healthier lifestyle (in an intelligent way) and to make healthier choices because they love themselves, not because they hate themselves.

  • Kathleen does not believe in body shame. She believes in goals and results.
  • She does not believe in being “easy” on yourself, nor letting negative “brain propaganda” win. She does believe in self-compassion and holding yourself accountable.
  • Kathleen does not believe in being active to create a whole new you. She believes in being you but working toward creating a you who has more healthy habits than before.
  • She believes in learning and growing, passion, gratitude, and actively finding pockets of joy.
  • Most important, Kathleen believes in actively creating the version of yourself that you want to be, and that the key to health success is finding your fit—hence the name of her first book, Finding Your Fit.


  • Started Life Coaching certification, July 2017
  • Completed Holistic Nutritionist certification through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Winter 2017
  • Completed a Master’s in Exercise Science at the University of Toronto, September 2013
  • Honors BA from York University
  • CanFitPro Personal Trainer
  • Pilates Equipment Specialist, Body Harmonics
  • Paul Chek, Level 3 Practitioner
  • Level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist
  • Poliquin, Level 2 Strength Coach
  • Poliquin, Biosignature
  • Practitioner CanFitPro group exercise instructor (step, aerobics, muscle conditions, bootcamp, etc)
  • Attended CanFitPro Nutrition and Wellness lecture
  • Attended CanFitPro Older Adult Specialist lecture
  • Attended CanFitPro Pre- and Post-natal Specialist lecture
  • Attended Poliquin Program Design lecture
  • Medical Exercise Specialist
  • Swiss Ball Specialist
  • Bosu Ball Specialist
  • Core Board Specialist
  • Pilates Instructor
  • Pilates Mat Instructor
  • Pre- and post-natal Pilates
  • Pilates for osteoporosis
  • Pilates for scoliosis
  • Pilates for neurological disorders
  • Pilates for cervical spine health
  • Twist Sport Balance Instructor
  • Kettle Bell Specialist
  • Rotating Disk Specialist
  • Glider Specialist
  • Pilates “Edge” Specialist
  • Riverdale Therapeutic Pilates Course
  • Pilates for runners
  • Certified in Rehab for the Upper Body, Rehab Harmonics
  • Pilates rehab for the hip and knee
  • Knowledge of and experience with autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as lupus, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis