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I aim to live by my individualized “happiness recipe” — thoughts and actions that I know, through experience, add value to my life. An integral part of my “happiness recipe” is listening to self-improvement, educational, and self-help audiobooks and podcasts. Listening — then translating the information into applicable “nuggets” — helps me stay grounded, happy, perspective-filled, and “trending positive.” In this section I share not only a current favourite, but a few lines on why I found the main take-aways particularly useful.

Have favourite books, authors, podcasts, etc? Email me the information. I live for being exposed to new people and ideas.

Quick note: Happiness can be a misleading word. Don’t confuse my use of “happy” with “blind or momentary pleasure.” I use “happiness” to describe my personal dedication to fostering growth, awareness, and a productive outlook on life — a catch-all for more complex concepts of “inner sense of worth,” “inner North Star,” “inner groundedness,” “lasting gratification,” “contentment,” etc.