Pockets of Joy

Actively finding (and often creating) what I call “pockets of joy” is an important part of my “happiness recipe.” Adulting can be overwhelming — often demoralizing. Focusing on joy, gratitude, and fun gives me the perspective and resilience to navigate the realities of each day.

In this section I share my current “pockets.” Everything from workout gear that is motivating me to train, to the dance I do during the intro song of Ballers (goofy dancing makes me smile — I love smiling!), to new fitness gadgets I have been lucky enough to be sent.

I always love finding new “pockets.” If you have something that makes you smile — from a particular flower to a candle scent — email me so I can share it with my followers. Someone once told me, “Share something bad with someone and it becomes half as bad. Share something good and it becomes twice as good.”

Quick note: Actively looking for pockets of joy (i.e., focusing on the positives in my life) doesn’t mean I never have negative thoughts. I absolutely believe in feeling and honing emotions. My goal is to not allow the negatives to control my life. To paraphrase the great Viktor Frankl, your greatest power is the space between stimulus and response. I embrace the pause between a stimulus and my response, and I actively look for the stimuli that will ensure positive responses.