Navigating COVID-19 —
Your COVID-19 “Sanity Pack”

I don’t know about you, but for me this month has been a whirlwind — a roller coaster — of emotions!

How have I managed to (mostly) not completely break down?

First, a hefty dose of self-compassion.

I can only do my best, and I am doing my best.

Second, constantly reminding myself that ANYTHING new is hard.


Last, controlling what I can control

Namely, eating well and staying active!! Being active is good for my mood, body, and brain. It makes me feel proactive because motion boosts immune health. Most critically, in a world filled with endless things I can’t control, filling my belly with vegetables and prioritizing time for yoga, Pilates, running, etc. makes me feel empowered — like “I CAN DO THIS”!!!

It's hard at the best of times–but I got you! 

Now, I know that following through on health goals is hard at the best of times, and a global pandemic is anything but the “best of times” — with gyms closed, kids home, and the world turned upside down, figuring out how to be active, eat well, and maintain a productive mindset probably feels almost impossible.


Don’t worry — I got you! The goal of creating this “Sanity Pack” is to make the impossible feel possible — to get you strongly on your health horse.

The Sanity Pack will include info curated by me to help you navigate the storm. I will include workouts you can do at home, nutrition info, and links meant to bolster your “mental fitness” (think podcasts and inspirational articles).


Check back every few days …. The Sanity Pack will be constantly evolving.  

Where to start? Click on links below.

Here is my first blog on the subject: “Surfing the Emotional Wave of COVID-19 — ‘Taking the Path to the Right.’

Here are the two podcasts that have helped me the most :

Brené Brown’s episode about FFTs — “fucking first times” 

Sharon Salzberg’s interview on the Ten Percent Happier podcast 


Finally, to paraphrase Robin Arzón, one of my fave Peloton instructors—

"Give yourself some grace … we are all doing the best we can."

Please reach out!! Click here to send me a message if you have particular questions, goals, or fitness problems that you would like addressed! I am here to help. Hope to chat with you soon!!