‘Finding Your Fit’ podcast

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Audio, Workouts and Exercises.

The key to staying active is to frame daily movement as a non-negotiable. Don’t ask yourself if you will move. Instead, ask yourself when you will move.

I am thrilled to talk to Kathleen Trotter on the Ascend Lifestyle Performance Podcast.
Kathleen Trotter has been inspiring Canadians for 15 years on television, through her work as spokesperson for Quesada restaurants, and with her columns in The Globe and Mail and The Huffington Post. Her mission is to move people to the “fitness is an integral part of my daily life” category with her no-nonsense approach to diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.
Here’s what we talk about:

How to be compassionate with yourself when making healthy lifestyle changes (and that doesn’t mean ‘letting yourself off the hook’)
Why the notion that you’ll be a ‘new you’ or have a ‘whole new body’ is NOT something we should ever strive for, and what we should strive for instead
The most common diet and fitness mistakes people make when trying to make healthy choices.
And why we cannot keep a jar of almond butter in our house 🙂