First Pocket of Joy: Britney Spears

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Blog, Covid Sanity Pack, Growth Mindset.

Britney fills me with joy on many levels. First, nostalgia. Memories. I have attended all of her concerts in my area — for the past 20 years — with my best friend Emily. (We have been best friends since grade 10 when I asked her if she knew how many days it was until XMAS. She did not. She thought I was weird/crazy … but good weird.) These adventures included one concert in Hamilton in grade 12 where we got stuck staying in a VERY sketchy motel. My mom was not happy. Last year for my birthday Em took me to Vegas to see Britney perform. #Memories.

Britney has always managed to put me in a better mood. In high school, if I didn’t want to go out to a party (and my friends did) they would play her music. Invariably I would end up taping my toes, gaining energy, and having a fun night.

Currently I “use” her in three ways. “Private Show” is my alarm clock (except over Christmas when “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” was my alarm). Music makes waking up more enjoyable than BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Second, if James (my partner) and I have an obligation that I want to make more fun (driving, cooking, cleaning) we blast her music. Last — this is the big one — when I don’t want to run. When I am feeling unmotivated I commit to listening to three of her songs and jogging (roughly 10 minutes). By the end of the three songs, I am usually peppier and I just keep running.