Personal Programs

I am not currently taking on new weekly training clients. I am however meeting with individuals who are interested in creating a personalized program they can do on their own. With this package, we first meet for a detailed assessment. Then I create a completely tailored program. Once you have your program you are welcome to check in regularly to assess the program and tweak the intensity and details as needed. If you are interested in developing a personal program, begin by filling out the PAR-Q and fitness questionnaire. This will allow me to initially assess what sort of plan you might need so I can be prepared for our first meeting.

If you live in the greater Toronto area and you would like a more detailed assessment, come to my boutique studio located in the Davenport and Avenue Road area for a private one-hour assessment and consultation. This is particularly useful if you have specific injuries, sports-related goals, or any other details you wish to have addressed.


Every appointment starts on time and goes for a total of 55 minutes. I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Please contact me for the exact details. All prices will have HST added at the time of purchase.

Studio Information

I offer clients a fully equipped change room that includes shower facilities, towels, shampoo, conditioner, hair elastics, etc. I have water and cups. Most important, I offer a safe and inclusive atmosphere. Leave judgment at the door. No body shaming allowed. Laughing is encouraged. I want my clients to leave feeling empowered and energized, not demoralized and defeated. My studio does not have private parking. Street parking is available.

I want my clients to leave feeling empowered and energized.Kathleen