"It's fantastic that you write about the other benefits of getting fit and incorporating fitness into your life — people really get intimidated (like, I have to be some kind of hard-bodies fitness queen slaving at the gym) but it's totally not true. Not to mention everything you touch on about depression, natural light, etc. I like your philosophy — it's honest and enlightened. Keep writing!" - Grace

"Your recent article on the 5 most neglected muscle groups was spot on!!! The 5 things you mentioned are probably the root of 90% of all injuries. It was really refreshing to read a sensible article in the mostly crazed world of the sell, sell, sell and non-evidenced based fitness industry. The sensibility you bring by publishing this article is excellent!! Keep more articles like this coming. Another you did on aging and balance, etc was also excellent!" - Harold

"Over the last five years, I have had injuries in my calves, rotator cuff, and neck! I wanted to learn how to train myself around my injuries without creating pain or making them worse. I always seemed to irritate the areas, which was so discouraging because I love being active. This year, I met Kathleen Trotter who is a personal trainer in Toronto. She taught me how to strengthen the areas around my injuries and how to work around the problems in my body. Now I can run, and lift weights without pain in my calves or shoulders! She furthered the recovery and strengthened the areas of discomfort. This amazed me! Kathleen is one of the top trainers in Toronto, as well as a Pilates specialist. She works with a wide range of people; some that have osteoporosis, MS, and herniated discs! She has such great understanding of how to work with these diseases, and injuries. She taught me the importance of Pilates in core training and rehab. She inspires me to do more, and learn more to help people further their health and fitness in the right dosage without irritating old injuries, or current ones. I want to help people work through their injuries so they can feel better when they are working out. Kathleen is like a mentor to me. She taught me so much, which I now use with my own clients." - Melanie Cundari

"I never liked working out. I was always too tired and too lazy by the end of the day to get to the gym let alone actually work out. And eating healthily did not come naturally to me. Kathleen helped me ease my way in to working out and eating a balanced diet. She went at the pace that I was comfortable and before I even knew it I was looking and feeling so much better. Kathleen pushed me slowly to do more and more and to push myself to new limits. It was so much more enjoyable than I had ever imagined. It was like spending an hour with a friend, we chat and laugh and the whole time get a great work out. I now get excited to see her and as a whole working with her has been such a gratifying and self discovering experience. To all the people who feel too lazy or tired or too crappy about themselves — I say get off the couch and do it! Its hard at first but Kathleen eases you into it and it is all worth it in the long run, I promise!" - Sarah Hayden | Account Leadership | TBWA/Toronto

"Working out with Kathleen is a highlight of my week. She is enthusiastic, motivating, and knowledgeable about all things fitness. Kathleen is completely in tune with my goals, and pushes me to meet them. She is very creative in progressing sessions, making them fun and challenging at the same time. And no two sessions are ever the same!" - Jen

"I have been working with Kathleen for over 3 years and feel I have found my fitness home. She is constantly surprising and challenging me. I have yet to wake up the day after a session and not felt the dull ache of satisfied muscles. For years I was flitting from class to class, from Pilates to Yoga, from the weight room to a class. My mind and body got bored easily doing the same activity for any length of time. Now Kathleen now does all that flitting for me. Her breadth of knowledge is impressive, she has a cracker sense of humour and has encouraged me to be stronger and thinner than I have been in many years." - Briony Glasco

"It is a both a privilege and honour to be able to write a testimonial for Kathleen. When I hired Kathleen I was one very middle-aged out-of-shape woman with a rather low sense of body image. Today, my age hasn’t changed but my whole perspective and confidence has come full circle. I can literally go down the list and check off “yes” to all the benefits that can come with even a modest exercise regime. Body strength, stamina, endurance, better posture and balance, self-image, the list goes on. We ought to demand the best from our personal trainers and Kathleen is the best. She is of course, highly professional, and knowledgeable and has the education and certificates to back her up. But it’s her “you can do it” attitude that makes you want to strive and come back for more. Caring, supportive, encouraging, a great sense of humour, Kathleen will push you to your limit and you will love it. I truly believe that hiring Kathleen will be one of the best investments you can make in and for yourself. Your body and soul will thank you." A.R. | Toronto | Research Coordinator

"Kathleen always delivers a challenging workout that will renew confidence in your body and lift your spirits. After five years of Trottertraining - from fat to fit - I'll never leave her!" - Carol Zemel | Professor of Art History | Department of Visual Artslines

"If there was ever a trainer who makes sure her clients perform each exercise and maneuver correctly, so as not to sustain injury, it's Kathleen Trotter. Kathleen's experience is extensive, but what she brings to her work beyond expertise is a real ability to listen to the needs of a client to help that person reach her goals in a safe and doable manner. Whether it's rehab or intensive training, Kathleen helps you get it right, which is reassuring to anyone who doesn't want to develop bad exercise habits." - Judith Kalman

"Kat is a highly recommended trainer. I have been with her for six months now and have gained significant strength in my arms, legs, and abs. She motivates me everyday to the fullest. Anyone is a fool to not choose her." - Patrick Lilines

"Working out with Kathleen has been a revelation. Not only does she tailor each session to my particular quirks and needs, she varies the circuits enough to keep me interested. Meanwhile, she can carry on a thoughtful conversation and count at the same time! I never would have believed I'd look forward to exercising." - Gabrielle Israelievitch

"There are many personal trainers "out there", but few personal trainers who have as vast an amount of specialized & diverse training, knowledge, experience sensitivity & dedication to her clients as Kathleen Trotter. I have been with her for 6 years, for good reason." - Ron Singer | Artistic Director

"I have been training with Kathleen for 7 months now, and I feel amazing. She listens and gives me a realistic approach for my lifestyle to reach my goals. I am half way to my goal and it feels so wonderful that I am on a healthier track." - Sonya (Jyoti) Tyaji

"I have known and trained with Kathleen close to 5 years now. At the time that I met her, my body was this soft lump of flesh that appeared to be comfortable and happy in its cocoon of painless bliss. Now, 5 years later, I will throw out words to her like, "You really worked my glutes the other day. Do you think we could bring the pain again?" My life has really changed since meeting Kathleen. She has made me aware of how important it is to know, to understand, to take care of my body. Her guidance and informative explanations on how to exercise and stay healthy, her patience with my impatience when I can't perform certain moves, her constant, "Yes you can, I know you can do this" to my "I can't do this" have been a constant pillar of strength in times when my life seemed directionless and pointless. She is always learning new ways to train her clients so that sessions are never the same, nor boring, and DEFINITELY not painless. Her compassion, generosity, inner and outer beauty, a core strength, plus her vast knowledge of a wide variety of exercises makes her the amazing trainer and person that she is. I value what she has given me over the last several years, and hopefully many more years to follow. I know her expertise will become invaluable to many more people to come." - Mia Trokeloshvili

"I have known Kathleen over the past two years as my personal trainer, and now as my friend. I am very glad that I met her, she is very professional, patient and very passionate about her work. She is also an expert in what she does. Not only she helps her clients by making them healthier but also she helps them to become more confident. In my experience with her not only I became physically more fit but also she changed my life style and my attitudes toward living a healthier life. She is always on time, happy, kind and always has a smile on her face which makes you feel great after a heavy work out." - Azedah Houshmand

"Kathleen’s spirit and determination never cease to amaze and inspire me. The workout programs she creates are interesting, fun, and diverse. I have never found myself saying “I don’t feel like going to the gym today,” when I’m working out using one of her programs. Kathleen can include ‘a little bit of everything’ and you can meet your goals and not get bored with exercising." - Krista H.