Make fitness goals not fitness wishes

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Covid Sanity Pack, Weight Loss, Workouts and Exercises.

Too many of us make grand unrealistic health wishes — “preferences” — instead of specific, realistic, targeted, and individualized goals.

Statements such as “I am going to start working out next week” or “Come Monday, no more junk food”  are examples of what I call “fitness wishes.” Wishes are akin to hoping a genie will magically make you healthier.

Is it any wonder that our behaviours don’t change and thus we never reach our goals?

Don’t get me wrong — I am not saying “Don’t wish.” Wishes have their place; they can be a great first step, but actually adopting new healthier habits or losing a significant amount of weight, and then keeping it off, requires a long-term, targeted, specific results-oriented approach.

What I am saying is, wish first. Then create a goal. Don’t ONLY wish. Wishing without a plan simply sets you up for failure!

Absent a concrete implementation plan, these wishes will most likely be forgotten as soon as life takes over. Life always does take over. Grand health statements are too easy to dismiss. Whatever my ambitions, I only achieve them when I take the time to establish realistic fitness goals and a corresponding plan of attack.

To succeed, you have to set yourself up for success! (Remember that to get different results you have to have different thoughts and actions. To create different thoughts and actions you have to overhaul your mindset, habits, principles, and possibly even your goals.) Establish realistic, safe, and sustainable long- and short-term goals.

Embrace that growth takes work; choose a goal that equates to the amount of struggle and work you are willing to put in. You can’t just be OK with the result (eg, weight loss); you have to be OK with the process (eg, the work needed to lose the weight). Who your future self will be is connected to what you are willing to struggle for.

Basically, ACT to solve. Take small steps if needed, but take steps. Don’t just “wish” for better health. Set goals. Make a plan. Health is an active process! Take the time to set yourself up for success!

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