Newsletter: Embrace your inner different

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Media

What a true pocket of joy. No….a BUCKET OF JOY!! In August my mom worked with Chad Michael Murray. She got herself major mom points by getting me this photo of him holding my book!!! Joy 🤩

I grew up watching One Tree Hill.

Chad’s character Lucas was the child of a single mom. My mom was a single mom.

Lucas was the outsider of the show. He wasn’t popular and he was OKAY with not being “cool”! He got joy from reading and being with his true friends!!

Watching Lucas showed me that it was okay to be different, that it was okay to have a single mom, and that being popular didn’t make you a good person.

Lucas normalized my life!!!

🙏🙏🙏you mom for getting me this photo. And thank you Chad for being a good person both on and off the TV!!! Yay for pockets of joy!!

Why did I share this with you? Because I’ve been there! I get it!
I’ve been there where I was unsure of myself. I’ve been nervous to walk in a gym or take on a new task. But in taking action to embrace ME and become a better ME (not SOMEONE ELSE and not FOR someone else) I realized that “I am the only ME that can exist!”  And, every time I take action and embrace who I really am I became even MORE resilient and powerful in my uniqueness!!! 🤩

Sometimes it’s extremely hard putting yourself first.

Putting yourself first is not eating a dozen donuts to quash your emotions (been there!) It’s embracing your emotions and treating yourself with empathy. It’s coming up with a plan to achieve your goals and following through. It’s action! And sometimes that action isn’t easy!

Whether it is meditating, going for a walk or run or dancing around in your living room singing Britney Spears at the top of your lungs (I love Britney!!!) showing yourself self-love is only going to bring about a better stronger version of YOU! And YOU are fantabulous!

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Strength or Cardio – What’s Better?

I had a great time talking about Cardio vs Strength Training at the FIT CHICKS Women’s Transformation Conference.
Here’s the session if you missed it and make sure to check out their page for more fitness and health education!

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Lastly, have a safe and happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian peeps!!