Kick Your Ass with Compassion Online Group Session



For $229+HST you get 5 weeks of fitness and nutrition coaching with me, Kathleen Trotter. The program includes 5 group coaching conversations (each an hour long), my two books Your Fittest Future Self and Finding Your Fit, my welcome package, journaling templates, and email accountability check-ins. (Creating a feedback loop is a KEY to health success!)
  • Each group coaching conversation will have an umbrella topic. Week one we’ll discuss how to create “goals not wishes.”
  • Each hour will include 3 sections: a mini tutorial, a discussion, and goal setting.
  • I will start with a mini-presentation based on the week’s topic. You’ll know the topic 48 hours in advance so you can send in questions. I’ll incorporate answers into the initial debrief. 
  • Next, I’ll open the floor to questions, comments, and discussion. YEP! THAT’S RIGHT!  WE ALL GET TO SOCIALIZE!!
  • We’ll finish by each identifying 1 to 3 goals for the week and the “systems” we will use to implement those goals. (These can be shared or emailed to me privately.)

In weeks 2 through 5, the goal-setting will include a “growth mindset” reflection on past goals and whether to add additional goals when things are going well.

Throughout the week you’ll be encouraged to email me: have you completed your goals? Why or why not? You can use tools I provide or you can simply comment in an email. 

JOIN me in CREATING YOUR FIT FUTURE YOU. Your future you starts NOW!!
Classes start May 7, 2020 at 7:30 pm EST