Spring 2022 Newsletter

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Newsletter

It’s that time!! Spring is here and so is some news—and it’s great news too! Like, you CAN eat carbs!! And, fitness CAN be fun!! Check it out here and find out more. Enjoy the new spring weather and have fun finding your fittest future self!

I recently completed another course with Precision Nutrition, How to Coach a Macros-Based Diet. Not only is Precision Nutrition a Nutritional Coaching Certification (I am level 2), they are a science-based, “nutritionally agonistic,” approachable, and an intelligent source of nutrition and health information. Dare I call them “level-headed”? (FYI, that is a big compliment in the—in my experience—extremely product-driven field of nutrition.) Precision has a strong web presence, and you can TRUST the information they post! The next time you have a few minutes (or hours), be sure to go down their “habit hole” of articles, infographics, podcasts, and videos!!

Below are the five takeaways I feel compelled to share!! Please click on the button below to read the full article for explanations for each of these glorious CARB goodies!

Five Takeaways

  1. A calorie is not just a calorie. Losing weight is not as simple as “moving more and eating less”!
    Changes in weight loss and/or body composition are not simply a result of what we eat and how much we exercise. Body stores (muscle, organs, bone, etc) are impacted by the complex interplay of how our individual body metabolizes the food we eat, our hormones, any history of crash dieting, and how that impacts metabolism, your microbiome, your age, your genetics, and on and on. 
  2. Carbs are NOT evil!! In fact, you might actually need MORE of THEM!!
    This is important info for everyone, but specifically for fellow females, especially my female athletes. If possible, read the Precision Nutrition article on this topic for more info. 
    Seriously, learn from my silliness. I spent my twenties being afraid of carbs, and my body (including my hormones), my mind, and the people in my life, all paid the price!!
  3. Think LONG TERM!! Your choices today impact the ‘you’ of tomorrow!!
    Your body is an aggregate of all your choices mixed with your genetics! So, before you try another crash diet, take a minute to learn how your choices today impact your metabolism. The juice fast today might make it almost impossible for you to even maintain your weight in twenty years. 
  4. Your hand could be the health tool you have been searching for
    Adopting a healthier lifestyle requires consistency. It doesn’t matter what you do on one single occasion. It matters what you do regularly—your habits! One way to do this is by using your hand as your measuring tool for what you put in your body. If using your hand is not the habit for you, NO PROBLEM. Find what works for you. CREATE a plan of action tailored to YOUR needs!!
  5. All choices come with a cost–be an informed eater
    All choices come at a cost. Or as my therapist would say, every choice involves a loss. The question is, are you willing to pay the cost? Is the loss something you can live with? 
    Some costs are small. Some costs are large. Some costs impact you in the short term (you get to eat less of the yummy ice cream you so desire, you have to give up an hour of your time on Sunday to food prep). Some costs add up over the long term—remember the example of the cost on your hormones from skipping too many carbs? You will not notice the cost to your endocrine system overnight! But there are REAL trade-offs to every choice we make. The question is, are you willing to pay the cost of admission?