Breaking bad habits and establishing good habits is hard!

But I can help!

It’s time to think of solutions to the bad habits you have built over the years. Find a variety of options from journaling, sleeping in your workout clothes, making a workout date with your bestie, or a sign on your fridge that says kitchen closed.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution. And once you add consistency you can wave bye to those bad habits!

Keep your fit over the holidays   Staying fit and exercising over the holidays doesn’t seem to go hand in hand. But Kathleen shares how you can balance all the...

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Mastering Menopause

Recently, I had a great talk with Kathy Coté of Mastering Menopause. Want a great podcast fix? This is a fun one where I talk about getting back up on your fitness horse (helpful if you ae stuck after that Thanksgiving feast),...

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