What overlays my entire philosophy of life (including my health) is the desire for growth — always. I have always loved learning, being challenged, and moving forward

One of my favourite internal hashtags is #growthmindset.

I have to thank Carol Dweck for her book Mindset which I have reviewed here. I use her philosophy in all aspects of my life. When I am having trouble seeing someone else’s perspective I say, “Kathleen … #growthmindset.” When I am struggling with a new concept I say, “Kathleen … #growthmindset.” When I am frustrated because I fell off my fitness horse I say, ‘Kathleen … #growthmindset.” 

Atlas of The Heart Book Review

The Near Enemies of Health: Awareness, Buddhism, Emotional Granulation, Near Enemies, and Brené Brown Stop being your own “near enemy.” Life will throw you enough lemons—you don’t need to bamboozle yourself with an avalanche of...

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Side Leg Lifts

Today we’re going to “feel the burn” and do some awesome leg lifts. You’re going to train the side...

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