Creating a “No-Limits” Culture to What You Can Achieve

How Kathleen Trotter Empowers Your Audience or Employees to Find Their Fittest Future

Creating a “No-Limits” Culture to What You Can Achieve

How Kathleen Trotter Empowers Your Audience or Employees to Find Their Fittest Future

With her unique blend of “kick your ass,” “finding YOUR fit,” and tools-based proven science, Kathleen inspires audiences to become the heroes of their own fitness journeys… Audience members will learn how to create a fitness lifestyle they can stick with.​

The nutrition, weight loss, and healthy eating industry is a $946 Billion industry. But our workers are moving less – studies show that 6 out of 10 office workers don’t even attempt to exercise. This leads to lower moods, lack of energy, and decreased focus… all essential elements to high productivity and performance in your organization.

The answer is NOT to introduce a “team-building” weight-loss challenge or other one-size-fits-all solutions. The answer is to invest in your employees’ lives by helping them understand their bodies, get motivated, and make change… on their terms.

Bringing compassion into fitness is more essential now than ever before. The current fitness discourse is unrealistic and toxic plus it is filled with misinformation that not only leads to negative self-image… but frankly, just doesn’t work!

Kathleen is a 20+ year seasoned fitness expert, media personality, personal trainer, and author of two books: Finding Your Fit. A Compassionate Trainer’s Guide to Making Fitness a Lifelong Habit and Your Fittest Future Self. Making Choices Today for a Happier, Healthier, Fitter Future You.

When you have Kathleen on your stage, you can be assured that she’ll bring the energy your audience needs along with the information they’ve been craving… and the compassion that will truly make them feel seen. Perhaps for the first time in their lives.

Kathleen is available for keynote sessions, as well as half-day, full-day and multi-day on-site training for employees.

How Will Kathleen Impact YOUR Audience Next?

Kathleen’s presentations are fully customizable, and she has much deeper expertise and experience than is shown here. But her most popular presentations are…

Finding Your Fit: Bridging the Gap Between “Wanting” and “Doing”

Everyone knows that to be healthy you need to have more than just an idea of what you should be doing. And starting out is really daunting, even if you’ve tried to get healthy in the past. In this presentation, Kathleen will share how to find the missing connection between “wanting” and “doing” and how that connection can be the key to change.

She’ll share things like:

  • The science behind what motivates us to do what we should (and why it matters)…
  • How to connect the dots between wanting a more active life and actually being more active (this is where most of her clients get stuck!)…
  • Creating your own, tailored plan based on your unique fitness personality with fun motivational tricks and fitness hacks (because boring fitness just doesn’t work.)…
  • And much more… INCLUDING how “spiraling” is unproductive and where to put your effort instead…
Balancing Movement With Your Life

Life is busy. And when you’re not used to incorporating fitness into your daily routine… it can oftentimes get pushed aside by everything else on your to-do list. Kathleen’s approach is not to FORCE workouts… but to FIND workouts. By incorporating movement into your daily life, you can get healthy withOUT the stress of figuring out where the time will come from.

She’ll talk about:

  • The types of movement that you can incorporate into ANY routine – no matter where you work, how you live, or what your daily schedule looks like…
  • Understanding your strengths (and weaknesses!) so you approach fitness with a full understanding of what’s possible for you…
  • The real science behind goal setting and how most people set themselves up to fail… PLUS how to set the right goals for fitness success…
  • And more tips to move on a regular basis withOUT feeling like it’s a workout!
Self Talk: Our Most Important Relationship

There is only one person on this planet that has spent every waking moment with you… You. And because of that, your most important relationship in your life is the one you have with yourself. Which is why it’s critical that you treat yourself with the same compassion you’d bring to other important relationships in your life.

Kathleen will help you:

  • Debunk the lies that you tell yourself every single day that keeps you stuck in old, potentially destructive patterns…
  • How you can intentionally speak to yourself that will change your relationship with food and exercise… no willpower necessary!…
  • Build the secret confidence that embracing a positive self-talk relationship will create within you… and what that will look like in your life…
  • Plus she’ll help you figure out which hack works for you (and how you can make it as natural as breathing
    The “Stress Bucket”: You Only Have One Nervous System

    When your marathon becomes an ultra-marathon, you can’t afford not to take care of yourselves!
    Knowledge, systems, and tools for navigating times of uncertainty and stressStaying healthy is challenging at the best of times. Keeping up with the demands of regular life while navigating an emotionally demanding job—especially one with a somewhat expandable completion date—is anything but the best of times.

    During times of stress and uncertainty it can seem impossible to find even small moments for self-care. Our bandwidth gets so low that our health begins to feel like a “tomorrow” problem when, in fact, the busier and more emotionally and physically stressed we are, the more important our health becomes.

    You can maintain your health. You can weave in moments of self-care. You can find small pockets of joy and relief. You can create a greater degree of balance. How?
    Finding a greater degree of balance is possible once you have a better understanding of what stress is and how stress impacts the nervous system and information on motivation and how to create appropriate “systems.”

    In this presentation Kathleen will talk about

    • What stress is. The difference between a stressor and the neurobiological response to a stressor, ie, stress.
    • The concept of the “stress bucket,” also known as our “allostatic load.The difference between “good stress” and “bad stress.”
    • The reality that no matter how we categorize an experience, everything that happens goes into the same “bucket.” We are one nervous system.
    • The signs and symptoms of stress: how to identify red flags.
    • What to do when you find yourself in a season of stress. How do you increase the size of your bucket, put a lid on the bucket, and/or create spigots for your bucket?
    • The myth of motivation and the importance of “systems”! It is one thing to know you “should” exercise or get up from your desk to walk around, but making “future you” follow through on your goals is another matter. The solution? “Systems.” We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our systems.

    Please bring your questions, comments, and personal experiences. Kathleen will encourage participants to share how they have successfully managed stress in the past and/or how they are currently weaving wellness into their lives.

    Don’t just take MY word for it… 

    See what those who have BEEN IN YOUR SHOES
    have to say…


    Engaged The Audience with Candor, Kindness & Understanding!

    “Kathleen Trotter is an enthusiastic, positive, and engaging speaker!  Her insights on finding, developing, and maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle are inspiring and helpful to all!  When speaking with the audience, Kathleen makes sure to answer all questions with candor, kindness, and understanding.  This led overwhelmingly to the audience expressing their curiosity and interest.  Truly a pleasure to have Kathleen Trotter speak about ‘Finding Your Fit!’”


    Library Series

    Her Passion is Infectious!

    “Kathleen spoke as a guest lecturer for my Exercise Science students at Concordia University. She was a superb speaker, extremely dynamic, insightful, and wonderfully entertaining. Students greatly appreciated her experience both as a one-on-one trainer [and] as a speaker/communicator on the circuit. She has a tremendous wealth of knowledge and her passion about fitness is infectious. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

    Tracie, student

    She Personally Motivated ME In Addition to the Attendees

    “I had the absolute honor and pleasure of having Kathleen Trotter join us as our Guest Speaker for our annual Women of Impact Event this year. The 400+ attendees across the country enjoyed her talk and felt inspired and engaged. She is a captivating motivational speaker who can connect with her audience in a unique way. To this day, people are still sharing their experiences applying all the valuable advice they learned from her talk. I was personally motivated to sign up for my very first 10k run and it was all because of Kathleen’s inspirational and motivational words (or as she would say “Kathleenisms”).”


    Toronto Co-lead, Cisco Connected Women

    I Was My Own Roadblock Getting in the Way of Getting Fit.

    “I had the privilege to attend Kathleen’s event virtually. The event was absolutely mind blowing and it opened up my eyes. I had a ‘fixed mindset’ about working out and thought that unless I had access to a gym. But this changed with the talk that I need just myself to be fit. I was my own roadblock getting in the way of getting fit. I would call Kathleen as changer of mindsets and winning within. I only wish that I listened to her talk or read her book when I was younger so I would already be a fitter version of myself. Thank you Kathleen. 😊”

    Rajesh Ravisankar

    Agile Practice Lead, TD Bank

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