I love writing almost as much as I love health and fitness. Some of the most special moments in my life are when someone shares how one of my books has helped them on their journey.

I wrote Finding Your Fit in 2016 and Your Future Fittest Self in 2019. And, I’m hoping to come out with a new book as early as 2024!

I pride myself that the words in my books are as relevant today as they were when I wrote them. My core message remains the same throughout all my writings. It all comes down to YOU!

Atlas of The Heart Book Review

The Near Enemies of Health: Awareness, Buddhism, Emotional Granulation, Near Enemies, and Brené Brown Stop being your own “near enemy.” Life will throw you enough lemons—you don’t need to bamboozle yourself with an avalanche of...

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Side Leg Lifts

Today we’re going to “feel the burn” and do some awesome leg lifts. You’re going to train the side...

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