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My name is Kathleen Trotter. I am a personal Trainer, Globe and Mail columnist, pilates equipment specialist, Huffington Post blogger and fitness writer. I am located in downtown Toronto.

My services include personal training, personalized programs, group seminars and fitness writing. Visit my Fitness Training page to learn more.

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My Accomplishments

  • 1 Ironman (Ironwoman)
  • 7 half-Ironman (also called 70.3)
  • 10 Marathons
  • Half-Marathons – too many to count!

Latest News:

As planned I did the bike portion of the MultiSport Canada Triathlon Series#BARRELLMANTRI on September 21st. I signed up so I could try out my new bike and race wheels in a race. Mission accomplished. Love my bike! The added bonus was that the event was a great experience filled with great people! Only negative was the CRAZY WIND!
Welland-20140920-00276  Welland-20140921-00278  Barrellman3

Talk Radio AM60 Radio Spot

This week I spoke with John Oakley on Talk Radio AM60 about the advantages of doing something you love as your form of exercise. If you missed the live show, you can listen to the podcast here.

“Kathleen Trotter – Fitness Expert” by John Oakley Show. Released: 2014. Genre: Talk Radio.

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The Globe and Mail: Stealth Workout: Off the Wall

Link to ArticleWe all could use more squats in our lives. A strong lower body is key for even simple tasks like rising from a chair or climbing stairs. The best part? They can be done anywhere. READ MORE

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How Unhealthy “Health Food” Is Derailing Your Diet

Link to ArticleTo quote a friend, unhealthy choices are often just “easier and more delicious.” I get it! Until you are in a “health groove” (and let’s face it, even sometimes when you’re in the groove) take-out and sitting on the sofa can come more naturally than a trip to the gym and a home cooked meal! READ MORE

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K’s Killer Kettlebell Workout

Link to ArticleI am very honoured that Healthy Directions Magazine gave me a new nickname – “K”. I will have to get all my friends to call me “K” from now on :-)

Kathleen Trotter offers this “minutes” kettlebell, full-body, work-out to mix up your routine.

The Warm-up: 5 to 10 minutes of any type of cardio. For example, march or jog in place, do jumping jacks or walk up and down your household stairs. READ MORE

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Globe and Mail: How do I get motivated to work out after work?

Link to ArticleThe question: I always plan to go to the gym after work, but usually end up bailing. Now that it is September I really want to get on track. Any advice on how I can actually get to the gym after work?

The answer: Do you skip because of unexpected work or social obligations, or do you get lazy and then talk yourself out of training?

If motivation is an issue, try talking yourself through how you will feel depending on the choices you make. READ MORE

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