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KT-Fullshot-2011-21 My name is Kathleen Trotter. I am a personal Trainer, Globe and Mail columnist, pilates equipment specialist, Huffington Post blogger and fitness writer. I am located in downtown Toronto. My services include personal training, personalized programs, group seminars and fitness writing. Visit my Fitness Training page to learn more. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to the left and keep up to date with fitness news, recipes and more. Feel free to contact me for information! My most recent articles are listed below.

My Accomplishments

  • 1 Ironman (Ironwoman)
  • 7 half-Ironman (also called 70.3)
  • 10 Marathons
  • Half-Marathons – too many to count!

Latest News

How to Motivate Yourself When You Don’t Feel Like Moving

We all want to skip our workouts sometimes! I love exercise and I still occasionally try to find a reason to skip training, but over the years I have found ways to combat my inner voice that says “don’t worry about training today…you can be lazy.” READ MORE

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July Newsletter

newsletterThe July Newsletter is available! July is balance month. Check out balance exercises in Exercises of the Month and read the results of the Journal of Internal Medicine study asking the question “Does exercise training, vitamin D, or the combination of both, decrease the number of falls in older women?”. Read the Newsletter

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Vacation Fun!!!

I love vacation! I had a great bike, got a pedicure and spent lots of quality time with my mom and ‪Elvis :-)

The trick to staying active on vacation is to find an activity that you enjoy and build it into your itinerary. Explore the town on foot, bike in the morning or see the lake in a canoe.



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The Globe and Mail: Get a boot camp workout at home with kettlebell swings

Kathleen shows you how to get the benefits of a boot camp workout at home with this simple move. WATCH NOW

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Flaman Fitness: Balance Training 101

I encourage all my clients — from my competitive athletes to my clients who simply want to be strong enough to play with their grandchildren – to train their balance!

Balance training is hugely functional. The better your balance, the easier you will be able to do everything – from stabilizing yourself on the subway, to picking up heavy objects, to negotiating uneven terrain to weaving around another athlete on the field. READ MORE

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