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My name is Kathleen Trotter. I am a personal Trainer, Globe and Mail columnist, pilates equipment specialist, Huffington Post blogger and fitness writer. I am located in downtown Toronto.

My services include personal training, personalized programs, group seminars and fitness writing. Visit my Fitness Training page to learn more.

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My Accomplishments

  • 1 Ironman (Ironwoman)
  • 7 half-Ironman (also called 70.3)
  • 10 Marathons
  • Half-Marathons – too many to count!

Latest News

I have just joined Pinterest! Yay :-) I will be posting workouts, exercises and other great fun fitness and health information. Click on the icon to the left, take a look at my board so far and tell me what you think. I would love feedback!

More News

I am excited to announce that I just finished my Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 2 training! I am excited to use my new techniques on all my clients.

If you are curious about Fascial Stretch click on the link and watch the “what is FST” video.


I had so much fun on CHCH MorningLive in Hamilton on October 9th, 2014. I talked about how to encourage girls to be active! I am happy to be working with Sears Canada. Check out my appearance on CHCH Morning Live on Thursday October 9th for Sears Canada to learn more.


The Globe and Mail–Canada Q&A: What are the best exercises and order of exercises to get a six pack stomach?

The Globe and Mail has a fantastic forum where readers can send in questions via text, tweet or video. It is called “Canada Q&A”. Globe and Mail journalists then answer the questions. I had the pleasure of answering the question on Nov 20th, 2014! READ MORE

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Your Personal Health Entourage

People often tell me that if they were celebrities who had a 24/7 crew on hand to cook for them and guide their fitness routines, they would be fit.

The reality is that these celebrity entourages probably do take much of the guesswork, and much of the effort, out of being healthy.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to have a “health entourage”! READ MORE

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The Globe and Mail: Why is my physiotherapist telling me not to do yoga?

The question: I love yoga. I have recently been cleared by my physiotherapist to start exercising again after a slight disk bulge. I assumed yoga would be good for me, but I was told it is not. Why? Can’t I modify the poses?

The answer: I am happy you have found an activity you love, but I am glad you are being cautious. READ MORE

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Why Women Fear Strength Training

Even though it is 2014, and many of the gender stereotypes surrounding women being active have been broken, unfortunately many women still tend to have an ambiguous relationship with pure strength training. As a (partially reformed) endurance junkie, I speak from experience! READ MORE

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November Newsletter

newsletterThe November Newsletter is available! Check it out for tips on Sitting Ergonomics and Interval Training on a Bike Read the Newsletter

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