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My name is Kathleen Trotter. I am a personal Trainer, Globe and Mail columnist, pilates equipment specialist, Huffington Post blogger and fitness writer. I am located in downtown Toronto.

My services include personal training, personalized programs, group seminars and fitness writing. Visit my Fitness Training page to learn more.

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My Accomplishments

  • 1 Ironman (Ironwoman)
  • 7 half-Ironman (also called 70.3)
  • 10 Marathons
  • Half-Marathons – too many to count!

Latest News:

Why going (really) slowly during exercise is actually good for you

Why going (really) slowly during exercise is actually good for you The question: My trainer makes me do things like pause at the bottom of an exercise and go really slowly. Why?

The answer: Your question made me smile (possibly a little mischievously). I also “torture” clients (in a friendly way of course) by making them go slowly or pause during certain movements. Read More

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Don’t Run for Endurance, Endure to Run

Don't Run for Endurance, Endure to RunExperience has taught me the wisdom of the words — don’t just do cardio (such as running) to get in shape. Get in shape to run! In addition to helping you get in shape in the short-term, lifting weights will help to ensure that you will be able to do your favourite cardio actives, such as running, for the rest of your life! Read More

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Latest Newsletter – July 2014

newsletterThe July Newsletter is available! Check it out for The Plank Challenge and Four tried and true summer “beat the heat” training tips! Read the Newsletter

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5 Crucial Fitness Tips I Wish I’d Known When I Was Younger

HuffpostI’m “only” 31, so it may be premature to already have a list to tell my younger self, but I have been a trainer for almost 12 years, and working out seriously for 16, so I feel I am entitled to at least a preliminary list. Since I don’t know anyone named Doc and I don’t have a flying Delorean to allow me to communicate directly with the younger Kathleen, I figure the next best thing is to share my insights with all of you. Read More

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Globe & Mail: How to exercise in the heat (and keep your cool)

Link to VideoIt’s hot out there: Trainer Kathleen Trotter shows you how to exercise properly in the heat of summer. Watch the Video
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