Finding Your Fit Library Series

Fort York 
July 12 7-8 pm
Staff contact: Wendy Banks; Fiona O’Connor
Fiona O’Connor <>,
Wendy Banks <>,

Wed. July 26, 7-8 pm
Staff contact: Brenda Livingston
Brenda Livingston <

Woodside Square
Wed. Sept. 27, 7-8 pm
Staff contact: Mary Massoud; Ann MacKenzie; Shehnaz Awan
Mary Massoud <>,
Ann MacKenzie <>,
Shehnaz Awan <>,

Humber Bay
Wednesday October 4, 7-8 pm
Staff contact: Betty Cameron
Betty Cameron <>

Highland Creek
Wednesday November 1, 1-2pm
Staff contact: Anesha Ramnarine
Anesha Ramnarine <>

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