Holiday Gift Guide for the Gym Rat

by | Dec 7, 2010 | Article, Workouts and Exercises.

Out of ideas for that special someone? Our experts have it covered. Today kicks off a week of inspired goodies for the most discerning types on your list. First up: whether it’s for the sub-zero cyclist or the home gym rat, personal trainer Kathleen Trotter has the perfect gift to set their pulses racing.

For the outdoor runner: The Garmin Forerunner 305 is one of the more affordable GPS watches, and it still does everything you need. It measures distance, speed and calories, counts laps and assesses your heart rate – and uploads all the data onto your computer to track your progress.; $199.95 at selected retailers.

For the winter cyclist: Sugoi arm warmers are a perfect layering piece for the sub-zero athlete on your list. Start your workout fully covered, then easily shed them once you’re warmed up. $45 at

For the home gym rat: True, they look goofy. But place your Gliding discs under your hands or feet, and add variety and complexity to basic exercises — moving push-ups, hockey lunges, pike planks. Bonus: They’re small and easy to store.; $22.98 (U.S.) online.

For the yoga lover: The Passport to Prana gets you a timed pass to yoga classes at a range of studios in cities across the country, including Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. At $20-$30, get one for both yourself and the yogi on your list and make it a social gift too.; $20-$30 online.

For the perpetually sore workout junkie: The Trigger Point Ultimate 6 kit ( helps facilitate muscle recovery by allowing you the benefits of a massage on a regular basis and on a budget.

It consists of a variety of massage tools, specially designed to release tight and achy muscles like the calves and hip flexors.; $187.

Originally published at The Globe & Mail