All over Canada with CBC radio today!

by | Dec 31, 2015 | Audio

Doing 7 interviews in total. The first rado interview tomorrow is at 6:40am on “Sudbury – Morning North” with Markus Schwabe. @MorningNorth @cbcmarkus. Next, 7:20am “Regina – The Morning Edition” with Sheila Cole. Next, “Yellowknife – The Trailbreaker” at 7:30am with Loren McGinnis @TheTrailBreaker @lorenmcginnis. Fourth one at 7:40am “Windsor Morning” with Tony Doucette @WindsorMorning. Fifth interview, “The Eyeopener” with David Gray @graydio1 @cbceyeopener. Sixth interview “Daybreak South” with Chris Walker @cbckelowna. The final interview “Winnipeg – Information Radio” with Marcy Markusa @CBCInfoRad