Creating Your Future Fittest Self with Mindset at the Forefront: Outside the Studio Podcast

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Growth Mindset.


On this episode of Tara Tovar’s Outside the Studio podcast you’ll learn about how fitness isn’t just about discipline; it’s really about caring for yourself enough to make a commitment to your health, and that consistency always trumps perfection. Even if you make a mistake or feel like a failure one day, how do you learn to try and try again?

Kathleen’s unique approach to fitness and coaching—namely, that a person’s mindset is just as important as the number of hours they spend at the gym—sets her apart from many of her peers.

What we talk about:

    • What are the three pillars of long-term fitness success: workout mix, nutrition mix, mindset mix.
    • What is a mood data journal and why it’s helpful in reaching your fitness goals
    • How to tailor your workout with your mood in mind based on biofeedback from your body
    • Why your mindset is paramount in reaching long term health goals
    • How to create realistic fitness goals that will be sustainable long term
    • Embracing your younger self to create a healthy sense of self-compassion
    • Nutrition and diet theory how to sort through all of the diets out there

Memorable quotes and resources:

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