The August newsletter is here!!!

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Blog, Newsletter

The August newsletter is here! Read it for news about my upcoming book and awesome exercise and fitness tips!


Happy August!  

Lots of new stuff this month! For starters, I finally got a new phone. I was sad to say goodbye to my trusty Blackberry. But, it wasn’t great for my social media updates especially Instagram. After a week I am starting to embrace the new technology. I plan to be an Instagram master in NO time. Click here to follow me for exclusive videos, tips, contests and news on my book release.

Boy, am I ever pleased to be able to say the official invite to my book launch is out! Take a look — I think it turned out really well. Please join me on October 5th at Ben McNally Books to celebrate the release of my first book, Finding Your Fit! 

A number of people have been asking where they can pre-order a copy. How cool is it that I can say “Here is the link”?

My recent articles all seem to follow a distinct theme; that you can enjoy your summer AND stay on your health horse. To gather a few ideas on how to make healthier choices while enjoying summer traditions, read my most recent Huffington Post blog on owning your health choices. Then try one of my convenient “do anywhere” workouts. Work out on the dock with one of the programs I created for Flaman Fitness, or try the add-on set I created for the Huffington Post. Rather work out in the water? No problem, try one of the programs I created for The Globe and Mail. 

The workout of the month is Tabata intervals — an effective and efficient workout you can do anywhere, no equipment needed. The workout tip is my “10-minute rule.” The quote of the month is from Dr. R.E. Sallis. Enjoy 🙂 

 Workout of the Month
         Tabata Intervals

Tabata is a method of interval training. “Interval training” simply means you alternate between periods of intense work and periods of recovery. One cycle of Tabata takes four minutes. The four minutes is composed of eight sets of 20 seconds of intense work followed by 10 seconds of complete rest. The wonderful thing about Tabata is that literally any exercise can be made into an interval. Cardio or intense strength exercises work best. First, pick your exercises. I suggest picking between four and six exercises for a total of 16 to 24 minutes. Those plus a warm-up and cool-down provide an excellent, yet time efficient, workout.

Two sample cardio Tabata options
1. Jumping jacks: Start standing with your legs together and arms by your side. Jump your legs out as you arc your arms over your head. Reverse the motion and repeat.
2. Mountain runs: Start in a plank position. Engage your core so you are not rounding or arching your lower back. Alternate “running” one knee towards your chest at a time.

Other cardio options: Run up and down the stairs in your house or condo. Or do high knees, bum kicks, or lateral leaps side to side.

 Quote of the Month

“There is no better indicator of a person’s health and longevity than the minutes per week of activity that they engage in.” 

—Dr. R.E. Sallis

Workout Tip of the Month

All you need is 10 minutes. Whenever you don’t want to exercise, use my “10-minute rule.” Tell yourself you have to do something for 10 minutes. If you want to stop after 10 minutes, then you can — at least you will have done something. Usually the hardest part of exercising is the first 10 minutes. If you can get started, there is a good chance that you will finish.

Lift weights, bike, walk, play tennis, jump off of the dock and swim, even for 10 minutes — whatever encourages you to get active.

Basically, some movement is always better than no movement. You don’t have to do a “full” workout for it to “count”; any motion — even 10 minutes — is better than sitting still. Aim to accumulate activity any way possible.