The July newsletter is here!

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Blog, Newsletter

The July newsletter is here! Read it for news about my upcoming book, great summer treats and awesome exercise and fitness tips!


Happy July everyone … BIG NEWS!  

I have VERY exciting news — I have written a book called Finding Your Fit. It comes out October 1st, 2016. Save the date; the book launch is October 5th from 6-8pm at Ben McNally’s Books (688 Bay Street). Please join me for a fun celebration, some yummy (healthy) food, and a few drinks! I will include more information in next month’s newsletter 🙂

I am proud to share two recent Globe and Mail articles. This one may be my favourite piece to date. The main take-away:  “Weight loss and health are not synonymous. Everyone should prioritize movement, but not everyone needs to lose weight to become healthier. If you need to lose weight for your health, aim to lose weight. But don’t let the process turn into a full-on assault against yourself.”

The second piece is for all of you golfers out there. Nothing will derail your season faster than an injury! Read the article to learn how to train intelligently so you can golf all season long! 

Last, I am proud to share the second Globe and Mail fitness video filmed in my studio. I LOVE that I can say MY STUDIO…. and what other studio has a vault door in it?

The recipe of the month is my current “go to” snack: protein pops. The exercise of the month — external shoulder rotations — is perfect for anyone who golfs, swims, plays tennis, or participates in racquet sports or baseball! And use this month’s health tip to get you “off” of sugar. 

Exercise of the Month
         Resistance band external rotations

This is an excellent exercise to prevent shoulder injuries. Try it if you sit hunched over at your desk (which is most of us), play racquet sports, play baseball, or swim.

Resistance band external rotations: Start standing holding a resistance band horizontal to the floor with both hands, palms up, elbows held into your sides at a 90-degree angle. Keep the 90-degree angle as you rotate both hands out to the side. Don’t break at your wrist. Use the muscles around your shoulder blades to initiate the motion. Do 15 reps.

Health Tip of the Month
         Put cinnamon in your coffee

If you are trying to cut out sugar from your coffee, try cinnamon instead. It is mildly strong and somewhat sweet so it kills the bitterness of the coffee without adding sugar. A wonderful client taught me the awesomeness of adding cinnamon — her words of advice though are to simply to leave the last sip of the coffee in the mug! The cinnamon pools at the bottom of the cup and the texture is nasty. As an added health bonus, cinnamon is beneficial for the heart, lungs, and kidneys.

Recipe of the Month
         Protein popsicles

I started to make protein pops as an answer to my Fudgsicle obsession. I love Fudgsicles — I mean I LOVE them — but since they are sadly not exactly made of broccoli, I try to limit my consumption.

To give me the feeling of having a fudge bar without the artificial additives and nutritiously vapid calories, I make proteins pops. Instead of having a shake post workout, I have a yummy and ice cream-esque hit of protein! 

Simply blend together your ingredients, pour into popsicle molds, let freeze, and eat. Easy and delicious! My favourite combo! 

I usually blend ice with protein powder, almond milk, and maybe half a frozen banana, but feel free to throw in anything you want; try cocoa nibs, almond butter, flax, or frozen berries. A client swears by almond extract — she says it makes her pops taste like cookies. Experiment and see what works for you!