Featured review of ‘Finding Your Fit’

by | Nov 12, 2016 | Article, Blog, Reviews about MY books

It is so nice to read great reviews of my book. Here’s one from a reader on Amazon:

This is a wonderful guide and impetus to begin physical conditioning. An even better credential than the author’s Master’s degree is her RCP (Reformed Couch Potato). She understands the obstacles we ourselves create to avoid better conditioning and has worked out a variety of ways to get over them. Instead of any cookie-cutter approach she emphasizes the individual, the personal, encouraging us to start with what we are/have and to develop our own advances in direction, technique and range. We can find the “fitness” that “fits” us. This makes advance seem possible. Her chapters are like a good workout — each providing a variety of short and complimentary “reps.” She writes in a charming personal voice, so reading her is like having her at our sweaty elbow, encouraging and guiding. And how smart is she? When she puts us on the mat she has us “lying” instead of “laying.” She’s the first trainer I’ve had that didn’t have me wincing on that. For such relief much thanks.