Fourth Pocket of Joy: Anything Christmas Related!

by | May 28, 2018 | Blog, Covid Sanity Pack, Growth Mindset.

Now, I have rules regarding my Christmas obsession. (If I didn’t, I would just be a giant Christmas tree the entire year.) From December 1st through 25th my place is extremely holiday-centric. I wear Christmas socks and sweaters and aprons and pull out all the stops: lights, Advent calendar, stuffed toys, my Elvis tree topper, etc.

Then from December 26th through the end of November I am more choosy — more discriminating — but some Christmas joy stays out. I use my giant holiday mugs daily (coffee in a holiday mug … what could be better?) and I have a little dish in my kitchen that says “Merry Always” (a gift from a best friend).

Basically these Christmas images remind me that there is always a reason to smile, even if the reason is simply that I am one day closer to Christmas than I was yesterday.