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Fitness expert, media personality, personal trainer, writer, life coach, and overall health enthusiast says, “Sleep is the Swiss Army Knife of health habits. It positively impacts literally all aspects of your physical and mental health. Sleep rebalances your hormones, helps the body and brain recover, assists weight loss, improves one’s ability to say no to sugar and yes to exercise, and supports the immune system. Unfortunately, getting quality sleep is easier said than done! Falling—not to mention staying—asleep can be a challenge. Quality slumber is not guaranteed, even when you can make your head hit the pillow at a reasonable hour. I understand the desire to spend money to fix the problem – to buy “miracle” products. We all want a quick fix. We all want to skip the hard work of establishing an overall healthy lifestyle. The problem is that you can’t buy or wish your way to perfect sleep.”

She continues, “Supplements, blue light glasses, and other sleep aids are not a panacea. You can’t drink coffee until all hours, consume sugary foods and alcohol, sit all day and ignore your mental health and expect to sleep like a baby just because you drink sleepy time tea or wear expensive glasses. Can blue light blocking glasses be part of a productive sleep routine? Yes, absolutely! They work by blocking blue light, the light that disturbs your body’s ability to produce the hormone melatonin, thus wearing them nudges the body towards a more balanced sleep/wake cycle.

“Blue light glasses are not necessary – people have been getting quality sleep for eons without technology – but you are free to frame the glasses as one potential part of a well-developed sleep routine. The glasses can be particularly useful if you do shift work, travel often and/or are going through something that has disrupted your usual sleep flow.

“Many factors nudge your body and brain to be able to turn off at night including when you go to bed and when you wake-up: the temperature in your room, what you eat, how much sugar you consume, how much and when you drink your coffee, your state of mind, the amount of alcohol you drink, your physical activity, and the light your body gets. Blue light might hinder your ability to sleep, but sunshine (especially in the morning) will help. Get yourself up at a decent time and go outside or open a window. Sunshine in the morning drastically impacts the hormones that impact sleep.”

For those that cannot follow a good sleep routine, such as emergency workers, new parents, etc., blue light glasses can help.

Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Nighttime is meant to be dark, but pretty much everyone turns on their televisions or stares at their smartphone after the sun goes down, exposing them to blue light during a time when darkness is a natural occurrence. Blue light, as well as green and violet light, can be filtered out with the right blue light glasses that don’t impede your ability to see. TrueDark glasses block blue light, reducing light disturbances and encouraging the best sleep ever.

TrueDark has a line of blue light glasses that are among the best sunglasses that can be found on the market, particularly TrueDark twilight glasses. Twilight zone glasses come in various shapes and lens sizes, and styles for both adults and children.

Why Use Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Since we’re almost always glued to one screen or another, what can we do to ensure we get the best sleep ever? Of late, a new innovation in blue light blocking glasses has been conceived of and developed by TrueDark. These true dark glasses are designed to mitigate the effects of blue light on sleep and function as the best sunglasses for blocking out blue light pollution.

Blue light glasses such as TrueDark Twilight glasses are designed to tackle this very problem. TrueDark glasses are multi-function and serve as the first line of defense against sleep problems caused by invasive blue, green, and violet light. True dark glasses are designed with sleep in mind and provide a wide range of benefits.

All the Benefits of TrueDark Blue Light Filter Glasses

TrueDark blue light glasses and twilight zone glasses are the best sunglasses for preventing sleep deprivation due to blue light exposure. They differ from conventional sunglasses in a number of unique ways.

TrueDark blue light glasses have specialized lenses that conventional sunglasses do not. These lenses are designed specifically for blue light, which cannot be filtered properly with conventional sunglasses. Another benefit of TrueDark blue light glasses over regular sunglasses is that they reduce eye strain by filtering out junk blue light while not compromising the visibility of everything else. The polycarbonate lenses are optimized for nighttime use.

Wearing TrueDark twilight zone glasses for as little as a half-hour before bedtime will prevent the protein melanopsin, which accesses the melatonin crucial for a good night’s sleep, from detecting the wrong wavelengths of light in the evenings.

Finally, TrueDark blue light filtering glasses are comfortable for all-night use with flexible arms, come in several different styles including aviator and fit-overs for people who wear glasses. TrueDark glasses come in sizes for children, who tend to consume a great amount of screen time, and who also need sound sleep the most.


There are many reasons why everyone should spend every night getting the best sleep ever, but even something so universal and so simple can be compromised by engaging in common leisure, and often we’re unaware of the effects because, unlike caffeine, it is not obvious what effect it has on our sleeping patterns.

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