Are you a Time Cruncher? This 10-minute workout is PERFECT for those short on time!


  • Start with 3 minutes of Cardio (get into your Jane Fonda!) Three different moves – each for one minute

Following the warmup do a minute of each of the following:

  • Chest: Anything where you push. Pushups or wall presses or wrap bands around your upper body and push.
  • Back: hinge over row with a band or soup cans or weights
  • Legs: Squats or lunges are perfect here  REMEMBER GOOD QUALITY REPS!!
  • Core: Plank or V sit and even standing core
  • Shoulders: Lateral raises and press-ups
  • Posterior chain: Reverse fly, deadlift, bridges
  • Anything goes minute — spend a minute on that part of your that is calling for attention

Download a printable version for your home gym or a mobile version for your phone!