Engagement, agility, and distraction

by | Feb 6, 2021 | Audio, Covid Sanity Pack, Media

Simply Human Podcast: Mark and Rick—helping humans discover just how simple being a healthy human really is. Eat like a human. Move like a human. Sleep like a human. Enjoy life…like a human.

On today’s show, it’s the return of Kathleen Trotter, personal trainer, author of Finding Your Fit and Your Future Fittest Self, nutritionist, life coach, professional speaker, wellness writer, and overall health enthusiast.

They talk to Kathleen about anacoluthia, The Power of Full Engagement book, Susan David — Emotional Agility, distracting yourself, deciding habits, vote for the person you want to become, challenge vs comfort, Victor Frankl, and more!

Before the interview, Mark and Rick discuss Urban’s wig and a white supremacist sighting in Mark’s neighborhood.

Thanks for listening! The original podcast is here