Ninth Pocket of Joy: Mushroom Hot Chocolate

by | Jan 27, 2019 | Article, Blog, Covid Sanity Pack, Growth Mindset., Healthy Eating

I love chocolate — like love!!

Mushrooms taste sort of nutty and rich (I love nuts … they remind me of chocolate. When I taste nuts, I think of things like chocolate almonds.) This hot chocolate is yummy and rich without being obnoxiously sweet.

Mushrooms are all the health rage at the moment! Sure, I don’t believe that any one ingredient is a health panacea, BUT mushrooms are by no means detrimental …. So, if you are going to drink hot chocolate anyway, why not get any mushroom-related benefits? Four Sigmatic (the brand I use) offers different concoctions — pick the product that suits your needs. For example, one has Reishi mushrooms. If you are having trouble sleeping, this version will taste yummy and help lull you to sleep!

I enjoy a treat while I am watching TV or a movie. Hot chocolate is (relatively) hot liquid, so it takes an extended time to consume, thus offering yummy chocolate goodness spread out over time!! The product is pre-portioned. Anything portioned builds in discipline. Portions help to decrease the cognitive load needed to be disciplined — i.e., it makes having less the more obvious choice.

The end result? Chocolate perfection without the next-day “chocolate hangover”!!

Want some? It’s here.